A few pictures from previous Real Music Club shows

Gregg McKella
Tim Rundall
The Bonfire Radicals
Kev Ellis and Martin Litmus
Inner City Unit
Edgar Broughton
Mike Heron
Nick Pynn and Mike Heron
Mummy - Bic Hayes and Jo Spratley
Nick Harper
Keith Christmas
Pixie Tonks Dhel and Roy Weard
Steffe Sharpstrings - Sentient
The Mighty Xanthus
William D. Drake
The Weird Things
Glissando Guitar Orchestra - Drones for Daevid
Glissando Guitar Orchestra - Drones for Daevid
Jeanette Murphy
Arthur Brown and
The Invisible Opera
Company of Tibet
(photo by Tony Bowell)
Paradise9 with Nik Turner
At The Brunswick
(photo by Tony Bowell)
Crayola Lectern
Andy Roberts
Dirty Scavenger
Redbus NoFace
The Failed Psychics
Stephen EvEns
ASBO Derek
The Astronauts
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About the RMC

The Real Music Club have been promoting gigs in Brighton & Hove since 2004 when Judge Trev (Inner City Unit), Stuart McKay (Sumerian Kyngs) and Slim Tim Slide decided to bring the eclecticism and community spirit of the Festival scene into intimate Brighton music venues.

As a non profit organisation we are all about the music, seeking the best music we can find that we hope will inspire as well as entertain, giving a platform to original, creative music and performers. Each show is different, and each act at each show is often very different with eclecticism at the heart of what we do.

You can keep up to date with all the Real Music Club has to offer by following our social media forums on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, sign up to our regular newsletter and tune into our weekly radio show on Brighton & Hove Community Radio. We hope to see you at a show soon!