Friday 5th April

The Prince Albert, 48 Trafalgar Street,
Brighton BN1 4ED

(Doors 8:00   Starts at 8.15)

Solid Birds Flying


Bee and Jackrabbit


                                      Bella Kardasis


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Poetry and art fuel this enigmatic fusion of genres ranging from free jazz to modern classical. Extended chords sit with surreal lyrics whilst avant garde melodies morph into extended improvisation. With influences ranging from Ornette Coleman to Arthur Rimbaud, this Brighton based post rock trio attempt to synthesize left-field rock and free jazz – with a heap of poetic metaphor thrown in. Psychedelic dreamscapes morph into darker, more involving dissonance and tension. Solid Birds Flying will be performing as a quartet with the addition of keyboards specially for this gig.


Also from Brighton, Bee & Jackrabbit are a chamber-pop band combining elements of folk, punk, indie and classical music. Key members Piper Murray (guitar and vocals) Robin Squirrell (cello and vocals) and Nick Williams (synths and vocals) create layered harmonies, intricate arrangements and powerful melodies alongside sharp, witty and observant lyrics. Over the years they’ve been gaining recognition on the UK scene most notably on a Scotland and Northern England tour with indie legends The Wedding Present. They released their first two singles “Dream House” and “Sugar” in 2021 which were launched at a sold-out headline show at St Nicholas’ Church in Brighton.

“With that natural song-crafters’ feel for the pulse, Bee And Jackrabbit create music full of rich melody and understated drama. Their song ‘Dream House’ makes for that perfect snapshot: the arcing cello phrase, the braided fingerpicking, the big chords, the drum rolls, and a resonant vocal singed with sadness. It’s a song with the emotional rush of The Magnetic Fields at their most heartfelt and melancholic.” – Brighton Source Magazine

“Recalling Simon and Garfunkle, divine vocal harmonising, authentic and heartfelt songs” – G Scene


Bella, who describes herself as a “purveyor of tappy-tappy-hitty-hitty guitary niceness”, says “A while back, I got into percussive fingerstyle guitar playing and I began, effectively, to re-learn the guitar (and waved goodbye to the social life!) I’ve always had a ‘thing’ for textures and always wanted to stretch my instrument beyond its conventional uses, composing in this way has opened up a new door of creativity for me and I can see my music evolve each day”.

With influences including Thomas Leeb, Newton Faulkner, Preston Reed, Kaki King, Don Ross, Erik Mongrain, The Shadow Orchestra, Yul Anderson, Thomas Newman, Pixar, Paulo Coelho, Hawaii, Richard Linklaker, Justin King, Seasick Steve, her friends and family (and random people on trains) and interests involving playing, creating, adventuring, interacting, reminiscing, laughing, travelling and chillin’, this fascinating young artist is very welcome to our stage.

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