Tickets are usually available on the door but some shows sell out quickly.

You can get advance tickets for these shows:

Coming in 2019

Saturday 26th January – 8th Judge Trev Memorial Night – The Brunswick

The Nik Turner Band

featuring Dino Ferrari / Nazar Ali Khan & Guests

The Judge Trev Band

featuring  Kev Ellis / Gregg McKella / Dino Ferari & Guests

Jaki Windmill / Tim Rundall (& Thee Uncontrollables)

Tickets Available at We Got Tickets and Resident Records.


Saturday 23rd February – The Brunswick

Tim Burness Band

New Album ‘Interconnected’ out now.

The Golgis

Tickets available from We Got Tickets.


Sunday 17th March – The Brunswick

Nick Harper

The ’58 Fordyce Road’ tour

Back at the Brunswick as part of a nationwide tour

Dandelion Charm

Tickets available at WeGotTickets and  Resident Records.

Other gigs for 2019 are in the planning stage.




friends – to the show that never ends…. (and good on ya Greg) For those who don’t already know, the Club started many moons ago with the slender crew of Honkin’ Stu, myself and the late and very much lamented Judge Trev (I miss him every day that passes, who can I belly dance with now?). Slowly but surely new folk joined the crew – Tim Dowling, Greg McKella, Kath …and most recently the very welcome Roy Weard,  and Cliff Dowding. (I should also mention the help and support of Jaki Windmill, Captains Sensible, Stupidt and Barrington-White, Monty Oxymoron and also our fab cousins further West, Kev Ellis and the Portsmouth posse). We have seen some incredible shows over the years with acts both new and old, some of whom have gone on to MUCH greater fame – we will continue to provide entertainment and diversity, for where is the rock without the roll, the Be without the Bop? Stay tuned folks, RMC is back…. Venues old and new will shortly be hosting our brand of reality…. join us as we venture into the unknown, unthought of, and sometimes downright unbecoming…. cue demonic cackle noises……..
Tim Rundall