The way we run The Real Music Club … and the people behind It.

This page is very out of date with only ONE team member currently being shown on here. Watch this space for a full update very soon!

Our Ideals

The Real Music Club is run, on a non profit basis, by a team of 7 people. Gregg, Stuart, Neal, Tony, Joe, Sean, and Tristian.

We meet once a month to discuss upcoming shows and usually have most of the year’s artists booked a long way in advance. This means that, if you are looking to get a gig from us you need to get in touch and give us your details, a bit about your music and what you do, in the previous year. We pay the acts from the door take (roughly on a 40% / 30% / 20% basis with the final 10% usually going to the RMC fund) after expenses such as venue cost and posters. We advertise the gigs via posters and flyers (ask us if you want some of these), on this website, on Facebook  and in the Brighton and Hove listings pages but it is very important that the acts promote themselves too. The more people you get through the door the more you get paid and the better your gig will be! Since we do charge for entrance it is better to avoid doing free gigs just before or just after your gig with us. Tickets are cheaper in advance so try to get your fans to buy them that way. They are available from Resident Records in the North Lanes and online via We Got Tickets. We have a limit of one free guest per band member but there is a reduced rate paying guest list that performers can add people to.

Joe Bridge

Newsletter Editor

I have been going to the RMC since Tim Rundall curated a special event in 2OO8 which more or less showcased the full breadth of what the RMC offers over a year in one evening. I was attracted to the friendly atmosphere and the chance to experience live music I wouldn’t normally get out to see.

Whether it is the psyche / space rock bands from the festival circuits  to the specialist singer songwriters and soloists ….. or the weirder extremes such as Tim’s Wild Orchid Slideshow and everything in between  or either side, you are always guaranteed to see something fresh, interesting, creative and unique.

I joined the committee at the beginning of 2OI6 and produce the monthly newsletter. I enjoy the process of researching our bands which always gives me something to look forward to when it comes to the live shows and then seeing a successful gig take shape on the night.

Previous RMC Team Members
Tim Rundall

One of the club’s founding members.
Tim, with Judge Trev Thoms, and ‘Honkin Stu’, laid the foundation stone for The Real Music Club. Tim is, sadly, no longer with us.





Roy Weard

I was invited along to a Real Music Club event over 10 years ago.

The main acts at that show were The Sumerian Kyngs and Paradise9. I was so impressed with the club concept that I became a regular and was invited to join the committee when they were all reeling from Judge Trev’s death and unsure whether it would continue without him.

I am pleased to say that it is still going strong.


Cliff Dowding

Cliff is an accomplished sound and lighting engineer who has worked for many theatres, venues, bands and performers. He holds a National Diploma in Music Technology and a BA Honors degree in music production.

 He has experience with a vast range of sound and lighting equipment including analogue and digital consoles, outboard effect modules, microphones, moving heads, lasers, generic and LED lighting fixtures. Cliff is also a composer and performer and has played in many venues under the pseudonym of The Mighty Xanthus. He is also a member of the psychedelic jazz band the Sumerian Kyngs and rock band That Legendary Wooden Lion.

Jay Bee

I got to Brighton in the late 80s and fell in love with the Brighton music scene – a lot more basic and not as thriving in those days but I have very good memories of gigs (including the Levellers) at the (Art College) Basement, Brighton Urban Free Festival (BUFF) which I helped organise, Radio Kamikaze (a kind of prototype for Radio 4A), the Zap Club etc etc. One day, a decade or two later. I bumped into Captain Sensible (a guitarist/vocalist with a popular punk band) and he suggested that I check out the Real Music Club. Once I got myself there I realised that was where I would get to see bands like Inner City Unit, Sentient (featuring Steffe Sharpstrings of the Here and Now Band), Mike Heron, Edgar Broughton as well as catch up with great new bands coming out of the Brighton scene like Zofff, Clowwns, Crayola Lectern etc etc. This was a club I could rely on to come up with good stuff month after month. I became a regular going to see bands I’d heard of and never heard of and I never went away disappointed. So I kind of fell into helping out with Facebook promotion when the call went out for more hands on deck. I’m very glad to be on board and hope more and more people come and enjoy the shows so we can keep this ship sailing

… and many more ex-team members!!


About the RMC

The Real Music Club has been promoting gigs in Brighton & Hove since 2004 when Judge Trev (Inner City Unit), Stuart McKay (Sumerian Kyngs) and  Slim Tim Slide decided to bring the eclecticism and community spirit of the Festival scene into intimate Brighton music venues. Trev and Tim have now passed away but the spirit carries on and on!

We tend to have a gig, either at the Brunswick in Hove or the Prince Albert in Brighton, about once a month so do come back here to keep up to date. We are currently looking at other venues and occasionally host a larger gig at the Con Club in Lewes.

As a non profit organisation we are all about the music, seeking the best music we can find that we hope will inspire as well as entertain, giving a platform to original, creative music and performers. Each show is different, and each act at each show is often very different with eclecticism at the heart of what we do.

You can keep up to date with all that the Real Music Club has to offer by following our social media forum on Facebook and you can sign up to our regular newsletter  (using the form above). We hope to see you at a show soon!